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If my memory serves, when the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights protesters, using non-violence, were violently set upon by the white police, my Father and many white people were won over to the civil rights movement. We saw black people being being beaten, water-hosed, verbally abused night after night on the evening news. The seismic change occurred when others took over the civil rights movement and changed it from non-violence to violence: Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers etc. Then they lost white America as the violent protesters wanted to enrage but like MLKjr said in the meme above, they wanted to “annihilate rather than convert”. In the news about Baltimore, it was reported that in the ’68 riots that occured after King’s assasination, that many cities still have not recovered. This is tragic irony: the man who said and lived what he said prophesied what is still with us. King said that he not only wanted the oppressed to be free, but the oppressor. Our prayer and work must be now that the violent protesters be set free from their lust of vengeance. This goes for anyone of us caught in the cycle of rage.

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