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I recently received an e-mail from our TV provider with this subject line: “Don’t let your Sundays go to waste!  Every game, every Sunday.  GET NFL SUNDAY TICKET”

If we don’t receive every game, every Sunday then the Lord’s day goes to waste? I don’t think so.  I like football but football is not the main attraction on a Sunday.  When Bill Clinton was president, The New York Times had an ad for their rag showing  Bill Clinton holding up a copy of the Times’ Sunday edition with the caption:  “Sunday was made for The New York Times”.  I don’t think so.  We go to waste without His forgiveness, His Body and Blood, His every Word in preaching and praise:  go to waste as in starving to death.  No wonder our nation is going to waste.  There are no tickets to buy in the Church, Christ’s own Body but His Cross the sign of our admission, His price, in repentance and His peace.  Indeed, don’t let the Lord’s Sunday go waste!

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So what is wrong with this picture, the calendar above?  Yes, it is the wrong year but something else is really wrong with it.  Yes, Monday is listed as the first day of the week, not Sunday.  This is false.   Sunday, the day of rest and the Word, the Lord’s Day (Domingo, literally Lord, in Spanish) is  the head of the week,  the first day, as the Lord is the head of the Church and Lord of all nations. Why is Sunday relegated to the last day of the week?

  1. With  so much of our culture and society in a Babylonian captivity of secularism, the Name of God is not to be even mentioned in the public square.
  2. We work and live in a 24/7 world that we can not rest, give it a break and know that we did not create the world.
  3.  Fewer and fewer people go to Church or synagogue.
  4. We live for the weekend, we do not live for the Lord, and live in Him.

The Lord’s Day is for worship and families.  The reasons above are interrelated and add up to idolatry.  “…man willing to define himself as a ‘seeker after the maximum degree of comfort for the minimum expenditure of energy.’”, so Jewish theologian Abraham Heschel.  We do not expend a minimum of energy, though we want to, to maintain a “lifestyle”.  The demonic idols only desire is to enslave us in sin again with the temptation of the falsehood:   you will be happy.   I note we are not.  Center your life in you and depression can result or overweening pride.  Note then who is out of the picture:  the Lord our God.  He rested in the tomb on Holy Saturday with the sin of the world dead in His forgiveness, and on the first day of week, when He created light, the light of the world, Jesus Christ rose from the dead, our death, so we walk in the newness of life in Him. 

Take a break from the world and it’s false hopes.  Come to the Lord’s House this weekend where the Word is preached and the Sacraments administered according to the Gospel.


For your prayers:

“O Day of Rest and Gladness”
by Christopher Wordsworth, 1808-1885

1. O day of rest and gladness,
O day of joy and light,
O balm of care and sadness,
Most beautiful, most bright,
On thee the high and lowly
Before th’ eternal throne
Sing, “Holy, holy, holy,”
To the great Three in One.

2. On thee at the Creation
The light first had its birth;
On thee for our salvation
Christ rose from depth of earth;
On thee our Lord victorious
The Spirit sent from heaven,
And thus on thee, most glorious,
A threefold light was given.

3. Thou art a cooling fountain
In life’s dry, dreary sand;
From thee, like Nebo’s mountain,
We view our Promised Land;
A day of sweet reflection,
A day of holy love,
A day of resurrection
From earth to things above.

4. Today on weary nations
The heavenly manna falls;
To holy convocations
The silver trumpet calls,
Where Gospel-light is glowing
With pure and radiant beams
And living water flowing
With soul-refreshing streams.

5. New graces ever gaining
From this our day of rest,
We reach the rest remaining
To spirits of the blest.
To Holy Ghost be praises,
To Father, and to Son;
The Church her voice upraises
To Thee, blest Three in One.

The Lutheran Hymnal
Hymn #9 
Text: Ps. 118:24
Author: Christopher Wordsworth, 1862, cento, alt. 
Tune: “Ellacombe”

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