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“Now there is a connection between our fallen humanity as flesh and the sheer physicality of human bodily existence. And the connection lies in our mortality. As my friend constantly reminds me, all medical progress notwithstanding, the death rate remains at one per person. Or as the prophet put it, “All flesh is grass”. It looks good enough when it is well watered. But just wait until August and watch it wilt and die under the Sun’s scorch. The gift of life given by God is not immortal. That is to say, it cannot survive on its own. Its survival depends on things outside itself. Tile oxygen that we breathe comes from the air around us. The water that we drink is equally outside of us. And food as well comes to us from beyond.

And therefore, it is sheer terror to have the wind knocked out of you and to struggle to catch your breath, And both hunger and thirst make us aware of our mortality. Guess what? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO! That is their theological meaning. Hunger and thirst are sacraments of our mortality. They are the felt reminders of the fact that we do not have life within us.” (from a sermon by Rev. Louis Smith+)

“Centuries of secularism have failed to transform eating into something strictly utilitarian. Food is still treated with reverence.  A meal is still a rite-the last “natural sacrament” of family and friendship, of life that is more than “eating” and “drinking”.  To eat is still something more than to maintain bodily functions. People may not understand what that ‘something more’ is, but they nonetheless desire to celebrate it. They are still hungry and thirsty for sacramental life.” 
― Alexander SchmemannFor the Life of the World: Sacraments and Orthodoxy

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