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The Divine Service with Imposition of Ashes, 6:00 pm at Ben Salem Presbyterian Church, Buena Vista, VA

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Lent is about that growth, not to be redeemed, as we are the Lord’s redeemed by His Passion alone. Who we are is Who’s we are. Who’s we are is who we become which is maturing in Christ, or sanctification. We are shriven and forgiven

Concordia and Koinonia

“Shrove” is not a word in much use these daysexcept for today: Shrove Tuesday:

Shrove, past tense of shrive:Shrive; verb(usedwithobject),shroveorshrived,shrivenor shrived,shriving.

  • imposepenanceon(asinner).
  • grantabsolutionto(apenitent).
  • heartheconfessionof(aperson).
  • to hear confessions.
  • togotoormakeconfession;confessone’ssins,astoapriest.

Several years back, people in droves bought the book about Christian ‘spirituality’,The Purpose-Driven Life, but I suppose that few would buy a book titled, “The Shriven Driven Life”. So many supposedly ‘Christian’ books are about how to be deliriously happy, your “best life now” without the reality that life in the Lord is a shriven life: repentant, confessing sins and the need for the Lord’s absolution. The old 11th Century Hymn,“Alleluia, Song of Gladness”to the point, third stanza (another translation):

Alleluia we deserve not
Here to chant forevermore;
Alleluia our transgressions
Make us for a while give o’er;
For the holy time is coming
Bidding us our sins deplore.

Shrive is from the German, “to write”. His…

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