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About Valentine:  A physician and priest living in Rome during the rule of Emperor Claudius, Valentine became one of the noted martyrs of the third century. The commemoration of his death, which occurred in AD 270, became part of the calendar of remembrance in the Early Church of the West. Tradition suggests that on the day of his execution for his Christian faith, Valentine left a note of encouragement for a child of his jailer written on an irregularly shaped piece of paper. This greeting became a pattern for millions of written expressions of love and caring that now are the highlight of Valentine’s Day in many nations.(From The Treasury of Daily Prayer, CPH)

Reflection: I am at the age in life to begin a sentence, When I was a kid…I remember Valentine’s Day as day for cards and kisses but now it has become something else with the denial of true marriage.  We now ‘live’ in  a culture in which The Church of the Self is pre-eminent and utterly dogmatic,  and it’s Sacrament is Coitus Non Interruptus and Non Fecundus, and Hosts of the Priests and Priestesses in the orders of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW fulfill it’s mission and abortion is it’s excommunication with no chance of repentance and life, then Valentine’s is the High Holy Day.  Our vain attempts at love on the basis of fallen desire will only make for greater sadness for the limited gladness it offers.  “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

It is obvious that the actual Valentine and with him, all the saints in Christ Jesus, speak of a love which is holy…Who is Holy.  This Love died for sinners and rose again so our love may be His. There seems to be a longing on Valentine’s Day, on day in which a Christian by the name of Valentinus was martyred for love which never dies.  

Oh, love, how deep, how broad, how high,
Beyond all thought and fantasy,
That God, the Son of God, should take
Our mortal form for mortal’s sake!

The Lord knows about love, for He is love, but love is not God.  We’re like the ancient Romans in that respect making love a god (Aphrodite/Venus). There is a tradition that at the time of Valentine, marriage was forbidden by the Empire and Valentine would secretly preside at marriages in Christ. (See Would Saint Valentine Be A Christian Martyr For Marriage Again Today?, The Federalist) This is tradition is almost prophetic in our day and time as marriage is denied and false marriage is applauded because of a presidential candidate.  We must not only decry the attempts to curtail marriage and family, we must also lift marriage up. This love between husband and wife is physical and spiritual and both are holy.  In His love alone can we learn to love.  Please pray…

Almighty and everlasting God, You kindled the flame of Your love in the heart of Your holy martyr Valentine. Grant to us, Your humble servants, a like faith and the power of love, that we who rejoice in Christ’s triumph may embody His love in our lives; through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

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