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The Gospel lesson for the 6th Sunday after the Epiphany includes St. Matthew 5: 27-28. The photo above is for the 2020 Superbowl half-time show which was soft-porn. I have yet to hear one feminist decry the “objectification” of women, as was done in the ’70s (I think this critique is in keeping with the Scripture above) about this ‘show’, but now we are told it’s about women’s “empowerment” to do such. And rape and incest and abuse go on and on and we blame each rather than what we are doing wrong. The Lord is more for women than the whole host of the cultural feminists, fellow Christians who deride the Lord’s Word on marriage and we who justify ourselves such “lustful intent” is ‘okay’. Note that right after Jesus teaches about lust, He teaches about divorce, Matthew 5: 31-32. And doesn’t lust leads to divorce?

“Be faithful to your marriage vow;
No lust or impure thoughts allow,
But keep your body free from sin
With self-control, discipline.”
Have mercy, Lord!”-Martin Luther

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