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This King is and shall be called sin’s devourer and death’s strangler, who extirpates sin and knocks death’s teeth out; he disembowels the devil and rescues those who believe on him from sin and death, conducting them to be among the angels where eternal life and blessedness are.

He lets the other kings have their finery, castles, dwellings, money and goods, their delicacies of food and drink, clothing and dwellings more costly than the average person has; but they do not have the art which this poor Beggar-King possesses. For neither emperor, king, or pope, with all their might, is able to help with the smallest sin, nor with all their money and goods heal the least of illness—I won’t even speak about their capacity to rescue from eternal death, everlasting punishment, and hell. But Christ the King, who is righteous and a Savior, even though poor and lowly and comes riding a donkey, prevails not only over one sin, but over all my sins, and not only over mine but all the world’s sins. He comes not only to heal my illness but to take away death, and not only my death but also the world’s death. (From Martin Luther’s Second Sermon, for the First Sunday in Advent, 1533; Text: St. Matthew 21: 1-9)

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