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“…every being of the nature, quality, of man, be he Jew or Gentile, black or white, cultured or barbarian; as long as he has that one quality of being a human being, there is for him a Mediator between God and himself. This Mediator is Jesus Christ, that Babe of Bethlehem called Jesus and Christ by messengers from on high, Luke I, 31; 2, 11; that man dying the death of a criminal on Calvary; cf. John 19, 19. His very name, half Hebrew, half Greek, indicates that He is to be the anointed Savior both of Jew and Gentile. This Mediator, the Christ, anointed by God Himself, Ps. 45, 8; Acts 10, 38, to be Jesus, the Savior, Matt. 1, 21, this God-appointed Savior, is a man.” From an Article in the Concordia Theological Monthly, “Sermon Study on 1 Timothy 2: 1-6 ” by Theo. Laetsch, published May, 1935

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