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As we approach the Feast of the Reformation (Reformation Sunday, observed and the day itself: 31 October), we must remember that Luther and the blessed Reformers had a legitimate argument against their own church body: The Roman Catholic Church was teaching false doctrine when they denied the centrality of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith alone. This goes for any Christian church body.

Now the Roman Church is flirting with unadulterated paganism as have Protestant denominations, such as, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. For instance: A same sex blessing included pagan rites in 2010, (article about that ceremony found here) and from that article: “Biblical language for God, including Lord, was removed from the liturgy. Instead God was called Mother and female pronouns were used for God. The service also included elements of pagan and goddess worship reflecting the practice of some of the congregations of the new ELCA pastors.” As an ELCA pastor I have been at those kind of services: it’s no exaggeration and well documented. The denial of Scripture is the reason I left the ELCA and came back to The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Now the Roman Church is doing the same in the Amazon Synod, which is occurring at this time. The link to an article in The Federalist about that synod:

The Catholic Church’s Amazon Synod Is Flirting With Religious Syncretism

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