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Concordia and Koinonia

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This article from the Billy Graham website is about the finding of the 9/11 Cross:

A Picture of Hope from 9/11

Jesus of the Scars by Edward Shillito

Edward Shillito was an English minister who survived the horrors of artillery, machine guns, and trench warfare during World War I.

If we have never sought, we seek Thee now;
Thine eyes burn through the dark, our only stars;
We must have sight of thorn-pricks on Thy brow;
We must have Thee, O Jesus of the Scars.

The heavens frighten us; they are too calm;
In all the universe we have no place.
Our wounds are hurting us; where is the balm?
Lord Jesus, by Thy Scars we claim Thy grace.

If when the doors are shut, Thou drawest near,
Only reveal those hands, that side of Thine;
We know today what wounds are; have…

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