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Here in Lexington, VA there are a few very important churches in downtown. Tongue in cheek, I have called them “The State Churches” because anyone who is anyone seems to attend them and seem to be deemed as important by being the most identified with the movers and shakers.  They have impressive church buildings both architecturally and historically…and they all have a tendency towards liberalism and progressivism and a few openly espousing the denial of the 10 Commandments.

In Europe, there are still actual state churches such as in England or state sponsored such as in Germany. Through their histories, there also have been other churches who do not receive tax monies for their church bodies from the government.  In Germany, these churches are called the “freikirche” or free church(es). In Germany, the freikirche is closely associated with The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod of which I am a pastor.  From what I know, the European state sponsored churches are also quite liberal/progressive and they are in utter commonality with the mainline Protestants here (and liberal Roman Catholics).

In our blessed nation, churches do not receive tax monies from the government, yet many espouse and propagate the ruling elite’s definitions of non-Biblical morals and theology, seeming to be the majority, even elitist in thinking everyone thinks like them. We don’t think alike. I think these ‘theologies’ are enslaving:  if you deny the Law of God, then the Gospel makes no sense.  Recently, a professor here, a Christian lamented to me that she feels alone with her viewpoints here in town. I responded many feel the same…including me.  

So I have simple, (or not so simple!) proposal.  Many Christians could benefit from an association to come together talk about and respond to the anarchic twitter mob mentality of the new Pharisees here in our towns and cities.   FWIW, I have come up with a name, The Free Church Movement or The Freed Church Movement, that we are freed in Christ and freed from false illiberal ‘theologies’ and philosophies that are enslaving of the souls of men and women in their self-righteousness and self-centeredness. A society or movement to support each other in the good fight of faith ( 1 Timothy 6:12), even to respond to what is going on in our churches and nation.

This is a raw idea of mine. I may be proposing an idea that is not needed…or bringing forth this idea too soon. I ask you to respond to this idea in general: Do you have a need for such a society?  How could it help you?  What would you add or subtract from my raw idea?

Keep the Church in your prayers.  Pray for our daily repentance in Christ that we may respond by “speaking the truth in love” ( Ephesians 4:15 ), “returning no man evil for evil” (cf. Romans 12:17;   1 Thessalonians 5:15; 1 Peter 3:9) and expose the works of darkness ( Ephesians 5:11; Romans 13:12) , and not react alone to the evils we deplore. 

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