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A lot of the media buzz after the last two Democrat Party debates was about Marianne Williamson. She spoke about ‘spirituality’ during the debates and our nation’s spiritual problem(s). She has written 13 books, one of which was a best seller. The post-debate media coverage tended to portray her as ‘wacko’, out there and the like, as if Ms.Williamson is on the fringe of religion. She is not. I maintain Ms. Williamson is a purveyor of the new mainstream ‘spirituality’.

This past May, I resigned after serving as the chaplain for our local hospice (paid position) for three years. I began to read about the transformation of the role of hospice chaplain according to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Association (NHPCO). Our local hospice decided to produce a brochure about their hospice chaplaincy, initially entitled, “Spiritual/Existential Therapist””. I encouraged the brochure committee to drop the word “existential” since most people do not what that word means. They did and so the chaplain was no longer a chaplain but a “spiritual therapist”.

This new job title demonstrates to me that the mainstream understanding of “spiritual” and “spirituality” is the now familiar category of “spiritual, not religious”. Religion is a bad thing but especially Christian religion and particularly orthodox Christian religion. On more than one occasion, I found this out working as a hospice chaplain in our small college town. One example: the director asked me to pray at a public hospice function, I closed with the Aaronic Benedition, Numbers 6: 22-26. The next day the director called me to her office to tell me that a couple of board members were offended by the benediction. I incredulously asked, Why? “It’s not inclusive but exclusive. The use of “God” is okay but not “Lord”. One of the central canons of the new orthodoxy of ‘spirituality’ is inclusivity and with it hard and dogmatic tolerance. All ‘spiritual’ roads leading to ‘god’ are good. This is “nones” spirituality. The new ‘spirituality’ is not centered in the Lord but in you. Marianne Williamson is a mainstream representative of this ‘new’ ‘spirituality’.

One of the Ms. Williamson’s quotes from the debates is:

“If you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then I’m afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days.”— Marianne Williamson​

There is plausibility in what she said. Bureaucracy and bureaucrats can not solve actual spiritual problems. But who is the problem today? Answer: the President. He has brought up “this dark psychic force of collectivized hatred”– I have read NHPCO literature about spiritual/religious matters and much of it sounds like Ms. Williamson’s convoluted ‘spiritual’ language, newspeak.–Let’s say for argument’s sake, the “dark psychic force” is sin, the sin of anger and hatred which are actual sins. This only means the sin has always been there and maybe the President has shined a light on it. If I shine a flashlight into a dark, old basement and the rats start scurrying, the flashlight did not create those rats or bring them up, conjure them, as Ms. Williamson seems to be saying. She is saying, as the others, if we just get rid of the President, everything will be light and good. I wonder whom else Ms. Williamson and others (!) would want to get rid of for their ‘perfect’ inclusive society? Answer: probably orthodox Christians.

I think President Trump has shined the light of honesty on the dishonest practices of the ruling elite who control mainstream thought in politics, education and many religious groups. For instance, it was said by President Clinton in the ’90s that abortion should be: “safe, legal, and rare”. Sounds good. People bought it because evil likes to lie hidden even in plain sight under the patina of ‘goodness’, lest evil be exposed. Abortion is manifestly safe but not for the child! And not for the spiritual and emotional well being of the mother. It may be legal but it is absolutely immoral. Abortion was and is not rare and the elites did nothing to go toward that goal but the pro-life movement has and this movement is despised by the mainstream elites. I think the rage today comes from evil being exposed to the light of day. “Safe, legal and rare” was and is a lie. So President Trump forcefully talked about the horrors of abortion and the rats went scurrying and they hate it and direct their hatred to the scapegoat in Chief. So Ms. Williamson’s quote are just lies, true spiritual lies. She is as dangerous to the body politic as are the abortionists and socialist/communist candidates because she wants to commit abortion of the soul under the guise of her self-chosen ‘goodness’.

I have put the word “spirituality” in single quotes because in the Holy Bible “spirituality” is Holy-Spirit-ualty that is the Holy Spirit teaching and preaching in the Church Jesus Christ. I think the reason the elites do not want the Name to be spoken is they kind of know that the Lord actually does change people to be His own in His mercy and forgiveness. They resist this because the Old Adam likes wallowing in the self and it’s self-made religion…better the devil you know. Forbidding and/ or not saying the Name of the Lord is as old as the beginnings of the Church: See Acts 5: 28-30. Ms. Williamson’s ‘spirituality’ is the new ‘spirituality’ of religion of the mirror, of Narcissus, always looking into the dank basement of the heart and soul of man without the Lord and then “following your heart”. The devil does not want us to look into glorious face of Jesus Christ but the Lord does! See 2 Corinthians 4:6!

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