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From the Concordia Commentary Commentary by Gregory J. Lockwood (Concordia Publishing House): “This commentary’s view is that the tongues-speaking in 1 Corinthians is the same phenomenon as in Acts 2, namely, the miraculous proclamation of the Gospel in human foreign languages.”  “On Pentecost Day the out poured Spirit enabled the disciples to speak in other tongues (Acts 2:4) …The Spirit’s gift on that occasion was the ability to proclaim the Gospel in known human languages.  The speaker may have had no natural facility in the language, and perhaps did not understand what he was saying, but the hearers who had a natural competence in the language recognized the language as their native tongue and understood what was said…All humanity spoke a common language when construction began on the tower of Babel.  But to thwart humanity’s arrogant ambitions, God confounded human language, resulting in the great diversity of human languages, which makes universal communication impossible (Gen. 1: 1-9).  But the Gospel reunites humanity—except for those who reject it.”

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