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I read this quote on Facebook. It is by Dr. Peter Scaer, Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN.–Pr. Mark Schroeder

We’re heading into some dangerous waters. It’s no longer about the freedom to do what it is wrong and harmful; it’s about Christians no longer having the freedom to do what is right and helpful. We all know that Christians must bake the cake – – or else. So also the florist and photographer. The list of casualties grows ever longer. Live and let live, I don’t think so; conform or else. And yet who says a word against it? We know Christian adoption agencies have been forced to close, and yet you tell me to stick to the life issue. Christian counselors are silenced, and we are silent voluntarily, perhaps to further our social advancement. And still they say to the pro-life movement, focus. Stay in your lane. A Brownsburg teacher is fired for not using the mandatory pronouns, and yet we hear we are not loving or welcoming. Or at least welcoming those who welcome the new ideology.

And now it’s parental rights. Well, that makes sense. We stand and smile, offering our blessing upon that which God frowns. But there are real consequences. If the state can redefine marriage, then parents have no natural rights. If children do not belong to the mother and father, then there is no family, only power. Perhaps, in the next election, the campaign slogan can be “If you like your children, you can keep your children. ( maybe)” And you might fall for it again. And yet, as parental rights are stripped, do you still tell me to focus on the life issue?

Hardly anyone says a word. Groups like the Log Cabin Republicans push the revolution, and we smile. And the unwelcome guest is the one who stands up to defend the truth. The LGBT revolutionaries are taking children from parents who will not play along. You know, the parents who will not give their children puberty blockers, hormones, soon to be followed by disfiguring surgery. You may be the parent, but the state knows better. And the court will take your children. This has long been a matter of logically seeing how this plays out, but now it’s just observing what’s already happening. Do well to remember, the “T” is for totalitarianism. And if we marginalize, ostracize, fine, fire and silence Christians, well, there goes your life movement, too. So much for staying in your lane.

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