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A Prayer of Unbelief

I was watching a rerun of the Big Bang Theory and as the final credits were whizzing by, I caught the Name, “God”, went back and found this, “My Prayer”. Since this is clearly from “Chuck Lorre Productions”, this ‘prayer’ might be by Mr. Lorre, the producer of The Big Bang Theory. It is definitely worth reading…and screaming out for comment…and prayer!

The episode in question in which “My Prayer” was attached is from 2018, during the midterm elections. The clear goal of this prayer is a favorable election for the Democrat Party. As it turns out, the Democrat Party did retake the House but not the Senate. So I guess that God partially answered Mr. Lorre’s prayer? We do not know but we do know, reading this ‘prayer’ that it is problematic.

First: God is not “beyond all names”. He has given us His Name to call upon Him in prayer and the most tender and powerful being, Father, as in The Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the one God. As in, Our Father who art in heaven. Mr. Lorre does not know Who God is, as he states that ‘god’ might be an “ineffable quantum situation”. I guess some sort of Sheldon-like physics problem? Yet, atheistic Sheldon would vociferously deny that possibility.

Second, Mr. Lorre is correct that God is omnipotent but we do not know Who the Lord is by His omnipotence but by His revelation, fully His Son. Mr. Lorre is groping for God, even trotting out King James English and employing the pronoun, “thy”, as if that would someone get God’s attention.

Third, Mr. Lorre’s motivation for his prayer seems to be his hatred of the current President, Donald J. Trump, that he is a hate-filled fascist and he even cheats at golf! Hatred is not the fertile soil of faith and prayer. I still do not see the brown shirts beating up Jews. Yet Christians and Israelites have prayed for a whole lot worse types of leaders, e.g. as Jeremiah encouraging the exiles in Babylon (see Jeremiah 29: 1-9), to pray for that empire! Or St. Paul encouraging the church to pray for rulers, even Caesar, even Nero (see 1 Timothy 2: 1-4).

After the diatribe in his ‘prayer’, Mr. Lorre gets kind of snotty, well, thy will be done and all that but he wants the divine to use His omnipotence to bend the wills of people towards Mr. Lorre’s desired outcome to influence, “…hearts or the parietal lobe”. This lobe of the brain is the source of sensory and language information, in other words, that God would do a little mind control, as people mark their ballots. This is not like the prayer, Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace. The Lord is no mind control tyrant. There seems to be lurking the desire of too many to have some one control outcomes to our desired results enslaved to the whims of the flesh and the world.

Fourth, now which political party is for more freedom, more love and more compassion and which one is demagogic, hate-filled and fascist?

Fifth, an addendum to his prayer is for Bob Mueller, the special prosecutor who has been investigating President Trump’s ties with Russians and for any other impeachable offenses. Then Mr. Lorre throws in a joke about help for all “Bob Muellers”, “…just to be on the safe side.” I don’t get it. On the safe side of ‘god’? Yet, it is clear he appeals in the end to partisan “Old Testament wrath” against those he seems to despise. Yet the Lord’s wrath is rather inclusive: Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. Suppression of the truth is rampant these days. And in Christ, the Lord hath had mercy on all in His beloved Son Jesus. The Lord who, “… desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” Is the Lord concerned about Chuck Lorre? Answer: yes and each different Bob Mueller and every person.

This prayer comes from sheer unbelief. It is sad and even moronic. It comes from unrighteousness. Mr. Lorre does not have a clue to who the Lord is. I pray he does and that he hears the Gospel of Jesus. Mr. Lorre’s prayer cries for prayer.

It is also clear that hatred and rage in politics distorts and warps so many. Mr. Trump is not the moral equivalent of Nero or Hitler. I think this is reason the Church must read, mark and confess and inwardly digest those hard parts of the New Testament from our Lord: about turning the other cheek, pray for our persecutors, saying No to the world, the flesh and the devil, overcoming evil with good and putting on the whole armor of God. Yet, it is still a fight, the good fight of faith. We can let our own rage so distort us as the Old Adam hangs about our neck, and so we need to pray for Christ’s peace. We fall hostage in sin to our own anger and that’s the reason there is so much in the Bible about anger. As in, “for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God” (James 1: 20). Only God’s Word can produce the righteousness of God through the atoning sacrifice of His Son.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but the powers and principalities. Mr. Lorre’s prayer is not a prayer but a political statement from the powers and principalities addressed to the unknown God, or the God unknown to Mr. Lorre (See Acts 17: 15-34). Yet in Acts 17, the Apostle, in the face of sneers and contempt, preached the truth of God’s Word.

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