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“Do not trust too much in the preachers. As a rule they are poorly paid. They are brought up as humanists. They have forgotten–or never learned–what Christianity is.”–Pr. Kaj Munk, +4 January, 1944

Concordia and Koinonia

On this date the body of Pastor Kaj Munk was found in a ditch in his native homeland, Denmark.  He had been killed by the Gestapo.   He was shot through the head. His crime?  Preaching the Gospel in the teeth of the Nazis.  When someone thinks they are “preaching to power”, especially by passing some resolution at some church assembly/convention which will be disregarded like yesterday’s leftovers by the powers that be, and I think of true martyrs like Pr. Munk, then I must pay attention. He like John the Baptizer preached truly to the powers and principalities and suffered the Cross.  Here is a quote from Pr. Munk’s New Year’s Sermon which is quite the  antidote to slappy-happy, sentimental Christianity in our day. (For another quote from Pr. Munk see this post here)   Like the Roman Catholic G. K. Chesterton said that every age has it’s…

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