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“God does not justify ungodliness but the ungodly.”

Concordia and Koinonia

Introduction:  On this date in 2004, at a joint chapter retreat of the Society of the Holy Trinity in HickoryNorth Carolina,  a dear mentor and friend, Pastor Louis A. Smith died.   He was born in New Jersey and married to Helen.  They have four daughters.  Lou could preach in German, sight translate Greek and Hebrew and knew other languages. He was a campus minister, parish pastor, writer and spent three years teaching the Confessions in Namibia.  He loved British football.  He was also the funniest person I ever knew.  He knew the Lutheran Confessions as he knew the stats for his beloved N. Y. Yankees…even better! He was a faithful pastor and theologian of the Church. He is a major reason why I stayed in the Lutheran Church, leaving the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and reunited with The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

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