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On this date, Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon. I was 15 and visiting my Grandparents in southern Minnesota, on their farm. Grandpa was born in 1900. Relatives were visiting, talking about the crops, their aches and pains, who died or who was recently married: “Yeah, she was a Knutson.” I was sitting in adjacent dining room, close to the black and white TV watching the only station that came in, channel 12, KATO, from Mankato. It was CBS and him: Walter Cronkite. The time was drawing close and my elders were yapping away, paying no attention to one of the greatest events in history about to happen. When they landed and they began to open the door, I became disrespectful to my elders: “Would you be quiet, man is about to land on the moon!” They all became quiet, now all looking at the TV as we heard the voice of Neil Armstrong crackling a quarter million miles away: “One small step…” After which, my kin resumed talk about the weather, who died…Just then Grandpa came over and said to me, “Mark, Let’s go outside.” It was a clear night and a full moon and Grandpa and l looked up. And Grandpa said with wonder: “There’s two men walking up there.” And this from a man who when he was 15, in 1915, was plowing those fields behind a team of horses.

The speed of technological change is astounding from 1900 to 2018.  Never in the history of the world has the speed of change been so great. One author called this, “Future Shock”.  It is shocking and when older even more shocking. It’s hard to keep up.  Just think, this very article will be read by people around the earth. This was not possible to do from home some 20 years ago but we can not be constantly amazed by all of this.  Adoring the creation of our hands is idolatry.  The greatest thing of all is the Lord who gave us the mind and brains to make stuff to relieve hardship, explore, wonder and wander. Even greater is love and His love.

When Armstrong landed on the moon, then President, Richard Nixon said this was the greatest event in the history of the world.  To which, his friend and chaplain, the Rev. Billy Graham, said he disagreed.  Rev. Graham said the greatest event in the history of the world is the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. We can go to the moon but even more the Lord comes to us, crucified and risen, with His forgiveness. We do not need to take moon walks, but ever to walk with Lord.

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