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There are two interpretative lenses of both the Scriptures and the Constitution that are remarkably similar.   The two interpretations of the Constitution are:

Originalism, in which the meaning of the Constitution is interpreted as fixed as of the time it was enacted, and non-originalism, in which the meaning of the Constitution is viewed as evolving with changes in society and culture.

“Originalism”  in the interpretation of the Bible is broadly called, “literalism”.  “Non-originalism”  is “modern Biblical criticism” which seeks to understand the various parts of the Bible in it’s historical context.  The result has been in this interpretation of the Scripture that the Bible, “…is viewed as evolving with changes in society and culture”.  In other words, the Bible is the clay and we are the potter, whereas the Lord is quite clear that the actual state of affairs is quite the opposite. 

In both Biblical and Constitutional contemporary interpretations, if the words are not what they say, then they will be molded to man’s passing fads and fancies.  Eventually, both documents will be devoid of meaning, except their meaning persists.  We will live in a church and society of lies, lying and liars.  Then both church and society is ruled by  whoever is in power.  Pulpits have become platforms for politics and state podiums for the religion of power.  There will not be order according words but according to men…fallen, sinful men, and the result is despotism and tyranny.  And maybe not even by one person, but by one ideology. 

God’s Word, the Bible is not too sanguine on kings per se and neither is the Constitution.  Remember the vow every President and every soldier, sailor and airman makes: to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestice, as the Constitution is written, not the way we wish it had been written.  Every pastor swears to teach and preach according to the Scriptures, as it is written, not the way we wish it had been written no matter the humanitarian sentiment of the day.

Our greatest fight and struggle these days, in the United States, is as it was in her founding:  a fight for true and literal words that we have lived by, and it is not the State. It has been for the church for some 1,800 years longer and God’s Word is not only to live by, but His Word gives life in the Word made flesh.

Freedom begins at home…as does tyranny.  Celebrate the 4th for the principles enshrined and given form in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  These are words worthy fighting for and even more the Scriptures as they are formed and inspired by the Holy Spirit.


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