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John’s (the Baptist) steadfastness is held up as an example to be followed by all faithful teachers—indeed also by all true Christians. John was not a reed. He did not allow himself to be deterred from the pathway of truth and from his calling by the world’s cunning and temptation.  So also Christians are not to be fickle and erratic like a reed.  Rather, they are to be grounded like pillars and columns in the house of God.   1 Tim. 3: 15, Rev. 3: 12—Johann Gerhard

“We see this everywhere among the smart professionals.  They gape at John the Baptist to see where he be Christ, Elijah, or a prophet.  They would be happy to have a Christ, Elijah or some prophets according to their liking.  Yes, but what the Lord God has in mind is this:  Man, you ought to accept Christ just as God sends him, not as you want him to be.”—Martin Luther, from a sermon for the 4th Sunday in Advent, 1532

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