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“Had Christ been crucified a hundred thousand times and had nothing been said about it, what profit would the act of His being brought to the cross have brought? But when I come to this, I must draw this act into history and publish it for all the world. Also, if anyone had seen this, he would not have thought that the work of redemption was taking place there. The work is fulfilled on the cross, but no one knows of the redemption except the Father and the Son. Therefore, to the act also the use of the act must be added, that it may be declared through the Word and that one may hold it by faith and, thus believing, may be saved.
“Paul’s intent, then, is this: to the work of redemption belongs the Word of preaching, which does nothing else but impress the work of redemption. ‘You [Luther] have urged this passage beyond measure. Answer me. You credit the remission of sins to the Gospel, to Baptism, and to Scripture. But the forgiveness of sins lies in the shedding of the blood.’ Who has placed those words in your mouth so that you know that this is the redemption from sins? You did not see it on the cross. You heard it, but through the Word. They say: ‘Christ completed the redemption with a single work.’ Yes, but He distributes it, applies it, and tells it by testimony. There is a testimony in Baptism. We are baptized into Christ. His Word is present. I am baptized into Christ the Crucified. In Baptism, therefore, there is a use of redemption-an application of its use. In this way the Gospel is the spoken Word, but it gives and brings this that Christ is, etc. Thus, the Word of God brings out the remission of sins. Therefore, there is remission of sins in the Gospel. This one fact-that Christ died once for all, etc.-is divulged and spread in the Word. Thus, there is remission of sin in the Sacrament.”
Martin Luther,  

Lectures on 1 Timothy, 2.6

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