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“What does man expect?—quite simply that the Church, speaking for God, should tell man that he is right—quite simply that one should proclaim “Jesus’ faith in man.”  In that case man can calmly go back to his business and act as he sees fit!  In his eyes the Church is there to provide him with justification, but not, of course, the justification which Jesus Christ provides!”

When kings turned to the Church, it was to have theologians explain to them what superb kings they were and how their works enjoyed the approval of God.  When (the middle class) went to church, it was to hear it said that their work was blessed by God and that riches were a sign of grace.”

Jacques Ellul (1912-1994), The False Presence of the Kingdom (first published in 1963).  Mr. Ellul  was a French sociologist and member of the Reformed Church in France. 

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