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Tables are very important to the Church.  There are three kinds of needed tables in a Church sanctuary and building:

  1. Tables for Bible class and Christian education so that the Word of God, the Scriptures are taught and learned, so that Lutherans can ask question and learn the answers from the Bible, and we grow in faith and love.

  2. Dining tables for church dinners, as a reminder here of the Lord’s prayer petition, “Give us this day our daily bread”, as we do in our homes daily. We are reminded that all creatures look to You O Lord for their food in due season and You open Your  hands and satisfy the desires of all living.  As the Lord washed His disciples’ feet as loving service, so our home tables are loving service to feed our families our daily bread from His loving hand to us and to share our bread to the guest and to those who have none.  

  3. And the most important table, the Lord’s Table, so that He gives us His Body and Blood, for the confession of the faith and the feeding of our faith in Him, in the communion of His very Presence. He touches us with Himself, in His Word He opens, “…the soul of man to faith through the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Gregory the Great).

All these tables point, not to our works, but His work. They are the Lord’s work tables:  His Word for us, His creation for us, His Body and Blood for us and our salvation.

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From Dr. Martin Luther’s Commentary  on Psalm 23, the 5th verse:

ML 23


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