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Note about this video:  After the Rev. Billy Graham’s death, I was on the internet looking up articles about the evangelist and I came across this unlikely video.  Comedian and film director Woody Allen had a TV special in 1969 interviewing several people including the Rev. Billy Graham.  Some may not know that Mr. Allen started as a stand-up comedian, and he went on to become a famous movie director.  In the ’80s, Mr. Allen became infamous for his adulterous live-in ‘relationship’ with actress Mia Farrow.  Miss Farrow had an adopted daughter, Soon-Yi and Mr. Allen had an affair with her when she was in her teens in the ’80s.

Mr. Allen’s active libido became the plot line of more and more of his movies, so this interview with Rev. Graham is quite the set-up for a dust-up, but  Rev. Graham handled this as a Christian and a gentleman.  Note that in the interview Rev. Graham truly epitomized 1 Peter 3: 14-17.  And in addition, this video is funny as Rev. Graham had a good and  holy sense of humor. -Pr. Schroeder

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