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Meme of the Day

I was just telling Craig this is what is happening!

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A Must Read Article

How Public Shaming For Sexual Sinners Exposes The World’s Need For Salvation:  The more dirt we consume, the more of other people’s sin we gorge ourselves on, the more we want. The more we want, the more we seek. The more we seek the more we find.

The link is to an article in The Federalist.  The author has distinguished well Law and Promise and the inclusiveness of both.  Here is an important quote from the article:

The world has some idea of what sin is and loves to hear about everybody else’s. The world loves to point and laugh, shame, scorn, and condemn, but does not have a remedy, even for the sin of the pointers, laughers, and condemners. We Christians must resist the temptation to join in the chorus of condemnation and be the ones actually offering the only real solution there is. The world proves more and more clearly every day that it has no gospel. Since we have one, we may as well share it.

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