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Building up Christ’s holy people, His baptized saints, is not according to our building specs, plans and blueprints. We are being built, passive tense by the Lord through His Word:  spoken, written and fully, the Word made flesh. In my cynical moments, I have redone the children’s rhyme, “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the door and where’s all the people?”.  And sadly stats and surveys have been documenting the downward spiral of church attendance.  Well-meaning Christians cry out: “We’ve got to do something!”   Then come the ways to save the church.  We have seen what happens when men and women build the church according to their best laid plans of mice and men:  mega-churches, false doctrine murderous churches, woman church, prosperity ‘gospel’ churches.   Those are the more obvious examples of not building according to God’s Word.  Then there are the more subtle churches rebuilding for their own pleasure as when a congregation becomes more of a social club for our friends in town and the preacher is not suppose to  “ruffle our feathers”. Over the years, I have seen “models of ministry” paraded before pastors’ groups. Then the Lord’s house begins to look more like our houses…or a bank, or a mall or a center for social action  and political correctness, but not a house for forgiven sinners, His saints.  If Christ is not at the center, then the ground of that church is built on sinking sand.

With all the models of church present and past, remember avocado green refrigerators and stoves, kulats, dickies, which were advertised all over as the end and be all, as were and are all a generation’s newest model of the Church. We most likely want to forget them all!  We forgo all  those programs that steer us away from God’s Word which only results in false doctrine.  This 500th Year of the Reformation is all about God’s Word, the catechism of His Word, who alone builds the church.  The Lord’s blueprint is always the Cross and our cry  is not, “We’ve got to do something!” but, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

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