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This is  “Hell Week” at the Virginia Military Institute during which the incoming class of “rats” begin the “ratline.”  They have to memorize the Rat Bible.  According to the 2013-14 VMI handbook, the Rat Bible is a 

Small book of facts about VMI’s history and certain information
specific to the current year; must be in a Rat’s possession at all
times; Rats are responsible to know and recite the contents of
this book.

First comment:  The ability “to know and recite the contents” of the Holy Bible is even more essential as it is the Word of God!  Or at least a Christian Lutheran should be  able to recite verses  and portions of the Holy Scriptures and have a Bible in one’s possession at all times: this is a godly discipline. Memorization is crucial when the written text is not at hand.

Second:  A VMI rat memorizes the ‘rat’ bible because of fear of punishment.  A Christian reads the Bible out of fear and love of the Lord:  fearing to lose Him, rejoicing in His mercy which found us.

Third:  What is a rat? According the Rat Bible, rats are, “The lowliest and dumbest of God’s creatures”.  First: do not tell the ACLU that God is mentioned in the Rat Bible!  But that definition aptly describes the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve fallen in sin. Only man can be so stupid to go it alone without the Lord and even sing, “I did it my way”. The Lord became the lowliest and dumbest of His creatures whom He made to be His highest and  most bright of His creatures. He became man so that  in Him by His grace, no longer a rat, not  a creature, but now His son or daughter by Baptism and faith.

This coming Sunday is a day unique in the liturgical year and specific to Lexington and Rockbridge County in Virginia:  “Rat” Sunday.  After hell week, on “Rat” Sunday,  all the rats can go off post to a church or synagogue if they want to and boy, do they want to!  So “Rat” Sunday acutely means for the rats a day of rest, giving it a rest, a Sabbath in the Lord.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ at VMI!

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