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Psalm 23: 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies

 Eat and Drink His Word

Luther:  When one has the Word and in faith clings to it firmly, these enemies, who otherwise are invincible, must all yield and let themselves be taken captive. It is, however, a wonderful victory and power, also a very proud and haughty boast on the part of the  believers, that they may compel and conquer all these horrible and, as it were, almighty enemies — not by raging, biting, resisting, striking back, avenging, seeking counsel and help here and there, but by eating, drinking, rejoicing, sitting, being happy, and resting. All of this, as we have said, is accomplished through the Word. For in Scripture “eating and drinking” means believing and clinging firmly to the Word; and from this proceed peace, joy, comfort, strength, and the like.

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