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From an Easter (Pascha) Sermon by Pastor and Professor Johann Gerhard:: “…St. John sets forth the distinction between the resurrections of Christ and Lazarus. Lazarus, when he was awakened by Christ, brought with him the grave cloths on his hands and feet and the handkerchief around his face, John 11:44, [thus showing] that He rose up only to this earthly life and had to die again. However, in John 20:6, 7 it is especially recorded that He [Christ] left the linens and the handkerchief behind in the grave [to demonstrate] that He arose to a spiritual, ever-enduring life and would never again require the linens or grave cloths. Thus, in the power of this resurrection of Christ, we too shall one day arise to spiritual, ever-enduring life. Just as Christ awakened from the dead, henceforth never to die, Rom. 6:9, so also shall all who believe in Christ nevermore die, John 11:26. To that end, God help us all, Amen.”

A child listens to his parents, from whom he was conceived and born, speaking to him with heart-felt desire and love. If you are born of God, then you will gladly listen to God the Lord speaking to you in His Word-especially regarding the resurrection of Christ, by which He has brought such precious gifts along for us…

O Holy Trinity, You Self-sufficient Love, ignite also in our heart this fire of Your Love!” 

( Rev. Pastor and Professor Johann Gerhard, +1637)

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