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 “The world is a great book which, as it were, has three pages: the sky, the earth, and the sea, from which indeed we should learn that there is a God. Creation is vain and fleeting, for out of nothing it came into being and into nothing it will return; therefore, there must be a God who not only created things but who also sustains them. When one observes a beautiful building one concludes that there must have been an intelligent architect responsible for it. Should one not then also conclude from the great edifice of the world that there is a God? From the accomplishments of man one deduces that there is a soul within man that motivates him. Should one therefore not also deduce from the manifold works of creation that there is a God who is causing all of these things to happen?  This is why St. Augustine asserts that all the things of creation have, as it were, a voice which cries out that God exists.”

“This one true God is merciful, for Christ says that God has given us His Son out of love. All of nature bears witness to God’s benevolence, because He did not bring forth creation for His own sake, since within Himself He is perfect from all eternity, but He did this solely to share His benevolence with others. God’s benevolence is a precious fountain that pours forth unceasing gifts and blessings, yet itself is never diminished.”

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