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Bad Sign

On my way today to visit one of my hospice patients, I saw this church sign.  What comfort would there be if I were to ask my hospice patient so  what have you done for Jesus?  “Oh, not much B.?  I guess you’re eternally screwed.”
bv-church-signOne day the only thing that will matter to you is what Jesus has done for you. This day  even has a name:  Good Friday.  And a second  day:  Easter Sunday.  Luther said that the two key words in the Words of Institution are “for you”:  This is my body given for you.  This is My blood shed for you. The use of words “one day”  seems to suggest that means the Day of Judgment.  This also misses the point of the Bible.  It matters what Jesus has done for you is for today.  Our focus is always Jesus (see Hebrews 12: 1ff), and not looking everyday to see what we have done.  For when we look at what we have done, and with that, left undone, we also turn to Jesus:  Forgive me. We are encouraged and exhorted to do good works that God has prepared beforehand to be our way of life (Ephesians 2), but they are not our life: Christ is the life of all the living, death of death our foe.  Today the only thing that matters is what Jesus has done for you.

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