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Theology and Doxology
Wednesday of Epiphany 5
8 February 2017
Theology and doxology are inseparable. Praise of God and faith in Him must spring from speaking about God using the Word of God. The Word’s own claims of power unto salvation drive us to confess the truth of the word that we obediently convey to the world in the discipline of theology. The Word of God is never a dead letter, rather being spirit and life, it gives life and salvation to us who are dying and by nature damned sinners.

Who, when granted such a salvation, would not break forth in paeans of glory to the God who becomes man for our sakes in Christ? Who would not praise the one who breaks the darkness? Who would not offer prayers to honor the God who debases Himself in our Lord Jesus for our sakes? Theology that does not echo in prayer and praise to God is not theology but self-babble, the blather of those confined to theological navel gazing. It is an abuse of the word theology when it is not also doxology.

Praise of God also admits the true limits of theological talk. What God has said we may repeat. What God has not said, we may not say. It is neither theology nor doxology to speculate about what God has not revealed in these last days by His Son. True praise of God thus also includes faithful acceptance of the limitations that God has placed on us to distinguish us from Him. He knows all. We do not. He reveals some things about Himself to us, others He has not. We speak of what we know. We remain silent when we do not. Like rests are music, silence may also be eloquent praise too. Our speculations about God must be made in silence, that God only may be praised.

Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Memorial Lutheran Church

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