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From  Dr. C. F. W. Walther’s  Law and Gospel (first published 1888):

“Of course, no one can produce faith in himself. God must do that. A person may be in such a state, such that he cannot believe and God is not willing to give faith to him. A person who still considers himself sound and righteous cannot believe. “One who is full loathes honey” (Proverbs 27:7). In the same way, the soul that is spiritually “satisfied” tramples on the honey comb of the consoling Gospel.”

We can not get our fill of sugary stuff. Sugar and sugar substitutes are in our cereals, our fast food, salad dressings…just read random food labels.  This is not good for the body but also the artificially sweetened church and society we live in is not good for the heart, soul and mind.  We are told and sold: “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. We always need to have sweet things to think about, but especially feel about, so we can ‘feel good about ourselves’ and all the while knowing their is a gnawing bitterness.  We are told we are to consider ourselves as “sound and righteous” but this gnawing bitterness we deny.  Our bellies are full and the soul is empty. We bury the bitterness, that is our sickness and unrighteousness and it festers. Religious hucksters selling the sugary and saccharine ‘sweetness’ of their ‘messages’ to those with diabetes of the soul, who have no God given resistance to the bitterness of the world, the flesh and the devil.  No one hungers and thirsts for righteousness.   People spend a lot time and money on televangelists and the megachurch legalists, like Joel Osteen, and even the Pope, who give the poison of their sugar coated ‘spiritual’ pills to those who need medicine of  Law and Promise, the true diagnoses and the prognoses.  Dr. Walther’s quote surely gives the reason of our faithless times:  sated with the thought we are pretty good and all the while still needing another fix and only symptoms are treated.  

O Lord, fix our hearts where true joy is found in Thee!

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