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Below is the link to an article about the Mayor of New York City dedicating an AIDS memorial to the 100,000 who died of the AIDS ‘epidemic’, most of whom broke the commandments and did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord and in plain sight for all to see as an inherent ‘right’.  This is a memorial giving approval to sexual promiscuity.  The only memorial suitable would be the Tablets of the Law broken in pieces, as in Exodus 32. Yes, it is really  THE world’s AIDS day. And as the article points out that so many babies died of AIDS and this compounds the tragedy of fornication.  If a baby died because of the parent’s drug use or fornication, we pray they heard a preacher say, Repent to make way for Christ and true forgiveness. We do not need “just a little Christmas”, we need a whole lot of John of Baptist to prepare our way before the LORD.


City unveils AIDS memorial in the West Village at World AIDS Day ceremony

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