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In a Wall Street Journal article about Pope Francis’  visit to Lund, Sweden and the nominally Lutheran Swedish Lutheran Church for the annual remembrance of the Reformation, stated this: “Martin Luther’s denunciations of corruption in the Catholic hierarchy brought him condemnation from Rome…”  I assume that what is meant by “corruption” means moral corruption.  Many people think this way about the Reformation. It is flatly incorrect. Before Luther, many had denounced the moral corruption of the papacy, like Savoranela, but Luther  and the blessed Reformers denounced  false doctrine which corrupts the Church. The Roman church did not like and still does not preach justification by faith alone. The false doctrine was and is faith and always something else…good works, spiritual experiences, ‘social justice’, new theologies, ad nauseam.  Christ’s atonement is not sufficient.  The Reformers taught it is all-availing and still is!  True doctrine is the Bible’s doctrine, from God’s inerrant Word that we are saved by Christ alone, through grace alone by faith alone.  The corruption begins with denial of the Bible as God’s inerrant Word.  So many churches have committed “Bibliocide” by denying doctrine and the resultant ortho-practice.  This was  brutally depicted in this American poster from World War II:

This Bibliocide has only one final and eternal result that the devil wants:  separate us from Jesus Christ and look to the flesh to save. He wants a Godless church. The Bible is the enemy, not false teaching! And so, as so many churches, the Swedish Lutheran promulgate wholesale acceptance of breaking the 6th commandment, e.g. same-sex ‘marriage’, the denial of the 5th commandment in the acceptance of the death of children in the womb.  This is truly and perversely ‘ecumenical’. They consecrated their first lesbian ‘bishop’ who wanted to remove crosses from their churches because they are an offense to Muslims.  Yes, that’s right!  But also an offense to so-called Lutherans.

One of the questions asked about the Reformation today is : does the Church still need reforming?  How would you answer? 

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