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2 Chronicles 32 is part of the narrative of the Assyrian armies attacking Israel.  King Hezekiah was one of few good Kings of Israel who destroyed idolatry and lived by God’s Word.  Sennacherib was the Assyrian king and in  the media of their day: he wrote letters (vs. 17) “to cast contempt on the LORD…” and he even had his soldiers shout  their contempt on the LORD, “…with a loud voice in the language of Judah”(verse 18).   Again, Sennacherib used the media well.  His argument was simple:  all the other gods were ineffectual in saving them so what will be different about Israel’s God?  He will also be ineffectual to save.

We are living in a Sennacherib world in which daily, hourly and minute by minute on TV, the internet, blogs, radio, printed world with a loud voice saying your God won’t save you.  The Assyrian King tried to demoralize Israel. The Sennacherib world does the same. Hezekiah encouraged Israel.    What did Israel do?  “Then Hezekiah the king and Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, prayed because of this and cried to heaven.” (vs. 20).  Can we do less when so surrounded as was Israel by the mocks, taunts and lies of our Sennacheribs?  The LORD delivered Israel then.  He is strong to deliver His saints in His Church. The LORD will deliver.

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