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“As in all my writings I certainly desire not only a pious reader, but also a unrestricted corrector, so I especially desire this in the present inquiry, which is so important that I would like to have as many inquirers as there are objectors. But as I do not wish my reader to be bound to me, so I do not wish my corrector to be bound to himself. Let not the pious reader love me more than the catholic faith. Let not the corrector love himself more than the catholic truth. I say to the pious reader, do not be willing to yield to my writings as to the canonical Scriptures. But when you have discovered in the Scriptures what you did not previously believe, believe it unhesitatingly.

While in my writings, unless you have understood with certainty what you did not before hold as certain, be unwilling to hold it fast. I say to the corrector, do not be willing to amend my writings by your own opinion or disputation, but from the divine text, or by unanswerable reason. If you apprehend anything of truth in them, its being there does not make it mine, but by understanding and loving it, let it be both yours and mine. But if you detect any falsehood, though it had once been mine, in that I was guilty of the error, now by avoiding it let it be neither yours nor mine.”  Augustine,  On the Trinity, 3.1


Dear heavenly Father, You have given the catholic truth to us sinners through the canonical Scriptures. Grant through Your Holy Spirit that we would read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest Scripture, that by patience and comfort of Your holy Word, we might hold fast and love the truth and finally be saved. Amen.


The quotation is cited by Pr. Scott R. Murray and the prayer is one adapted by him in his Memorial Moment for June 22, 2016, “Reforming the Church?”.  It is good, a must read.

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