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With President Obama visiting Hiroshima, and the many comments about the Japanese during World War II, I remembered this evening Noah. Noah and his wife were members of a congregation that I served. She was bright and vivacious. Noah was somber. They were probably in their 80s and I would go to see them for home bound Holy Communion visits. They were much appreciative.

One time in a conversation, the subject somehow came up about the Japanese. He clearly hated the Japanese. I found out from Noah that in World War II Noah was on Death March to Bataan. He also was imprisoned on a Japanese prisoner of war ship. He talked some about it. I wish I could remember the details but clearly the Japanese prisoner of war ship was worse than the death march. I kept on visiting them with the Holy Communion.

One day, in my office, Noah’s wife called me, greatly distressed: “Pastor, Noah killed himself”. I went over to see Noah’s wife. She said he calmly told her that he needed to take out the garbage, and she heard a sound. Like gunfire. Noah was found dead by the garbage cans. I liked Noah. I felt so young in his presence. War had undone him as it has for so many. The United States did not start World War II but we helped finish it. Yes, by raining death from the skies. I thank God for Noah’s sacrifice, not by the garbage cans but in the sewage of a tyrannical power unleashed upon the earth.


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