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The Fourth Petition:  Give us this day our daily bread.

We have lived for many years under unstable government which I think may be by design.  The current President has more than a passing familiarity with Saul Alinsky’s  Rule for Radicals for community organizing.  Disclosure:  I have not read that book.  A pastor friend told me years ago, in the ’80s, that one of the principles of Alinsky was: “You have to disorganize in order to organize”. You have to rile things up, keep people off balance, in order for you, community organizer, to implement social change.   It sounds wrong  because it is as it is forthrightly dishonest, but the attempt is to keep things unstable in order for you, Community Organizer, for the purpose to bend  the city and her people to your principles.  The scary thing is if, and it is an IF, President Obama has intentionally done so. If he has,  it is dishonest…to say the least.

Nevertheless, my read of these past 7-8 years has been  a time of instability.  All Presidents, and those who govern, want stability, otherwise we the people can not function, but instability, coupled with the changes information wrought now in cyber-time, can cause a societal nervous breakdown. This breakdown began in earnest in the 1960’s. The current President from the get-go has put forth one social change legislation, either for Congress, or by his own unconstitutional hand,  from marriage to just war to the economy to life itself in the womb, which has led to a nation being off balance and riled up. It is my opinion that every President in the past, along with the Congress and the Supreme Court, Democrat and Republican wanted stability, that is. temporal peace, domestic and international so that we the people, well, can live and get on with our lives. This posting is obviously my most politically partisan entry to date: I do not think the current President, or possibly the next one, has this at heart:  stability.

I thought of all this because of Dr. Martin Luther’s comment in The Large Catechism, on the Lord’s Prayer 4th Petition, Give us this day our daily bread. The emphasized portions are my own:

But this petition is especially directed also against our chief enemy, the devil. For all his thought and desire is to deprive us of all that we have from God, or to hinder it; and he is not satisfied to obstruct and destroy spiritual government in leading souls astray by his lies and bringing them under his power, but he also prevents and hinders the stability of all government and honorable, peaceable relations on earth. There he causes so much contention, murder, sedition, and war, also lightning and hail to destroy grain and cattle, to poison the air, etc.  In short, he is sorry that any one has a morsel of bread from God and eats it in peace; and if it were in his power, and our prayer (next to God) did not prevent him, we would not keep a straw in the field, a farthing in the house, yea, not even our life for an hour, especially those who have the Word of God and would like to be Christians.

Churches first let in the devil many years ago by denying Scripture and Christian doctrine, and I think the synagogue also, with Christians, denied the Torah, the Law of God to the detriment of both church, synagogue and our nation. We wanted to feel spiritual rather than to be actually spiritual. We have sowed the wind, now we are reaping the whirlwind. We ceased to be the salt of the earth and as the Lord taught, when salt has lost it’s saltness, it is good for nothing, but to be trampled under the feet of men. How many people, in our God given nation, do not eat their “morsel of bread from God and eats it in peace”?  How many times has the devil prevented and hindered, “…the stability of all government and honorable, peaceable relations on earth” especially these days?  How many times has government consented to this terror? And then when the devil has done his worse, how many times have we cried “peace, peace when there is no peace”  and tried to accommodate ourselves to live in the Age of Terror?  How many times do we think about our pleasure, at whatever cost, from AIDS to drug addiction to unending lust for more and more stuff, pleasures and like, and do not think about our neighbor and his need?

We do not need primarily a presidential election to set things right, but I hope in some ways it does so that we can eat our bread in peace. We need repentance, day by day,and this is Lent in which returning to the Lord your God, for He gracious and merciful and slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, is the theme, but not only of this portion of the Church year, but all our days under the Lord. We do not first and foremost need a president elected to save we the people, but to turn ever to the Elect One, the Lord Jesus Christ who has, and cry, Lord, have mercy!

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