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This article by Anthony Sacramone, On Refusing to Watch ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service‘ shows the way too many in Hollywood and elites portray Christians. I think it is a must read. This movie came out in February.  The church scene in “Kingsman”, showing the lead character murdering with glee  Christians and it is sickening.  I would give this movie a rating of X. The clip shows the edited version and then follows the full scene which is horribly graphic, especially in light of Emanuel A.M.E. church murders and ISIS beheading of Christians, but it graphically portrays what maybe brewing in the hateful hearts of the elites.

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“The Lutheran Churches are still sunning themselves in the delusion that they have something to expect from the world other than the dear holy cross, which all those must carry who proclaim God’s Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to mankind. But this delusion will soon disappear. Our American brethren in the faith will also learn this through painful experiences.”

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“For error is plausible and bears a resemblance to the truth but requires to be disguised; while truth is without disguise and, therefore, has been entrusted to children.” Irenaeus of Lyon

Concordia and Koinonia

“The glory of God is man fully alive.”

 Bio:  Irenaeus (ca. AD 130-200), believed to be a native of Smyrna (modern Izmir, Turkey), studied in Rome and later became pastor in Lyons, France. Around 177, while Irenaeus was away from Lyons, a fierce persecution of Christians led to the martyrdom of his bishop. Upon Irenaeus’ return, he became Bishop of Lyons. Among his most famous writings is Adversus Haereses (Against Heresies). This work condemned several errors but focused especially on Gnosticism, which denied the goodness of creation. In opposition, Irenaeus confessed that God has redeemed his creation through the incarnation of the Son. Irenaeus also affirmed the teachings of the Scriptures handed down to and through him as being normative for the Church. (From The Treasury of Daily Prayer/CPH)

Reflection:  In the reading selected for this commemoration in  The Treasury of Daily Prayer, St. Irenaeus wrote regarding the…

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