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“Repentence does not originate in the sacrifice of the Mass;  rather, the first part of repentance (namely, genuine contrition) originates in the preaching of the Law, through which, as with a hammer, the heart is shattered. The other element of repentance, namely true faith in Christ, originates in the preaching of the Gospel, through which the broken and shattered heart once again is lifted up [comforted] in true confession and contrition over sin; then also, out of true faith arises the serious intention to better one’s life.”

(From A Comprehensive Explanation of Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, published in 1610, Chapter 26, “Whether the Holy Supper is a Kind of Sacrifice through which Spiritual and Physical Merits, indeed, even Deliverance from Affliction, might be Acquired”, Repristination Press, Malone, Texas)

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