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This Shepherd also goes before His sheep both with His holy teaching and with His holy life. He directs them on the right way through His Word and by His example. That’s why He also states in Matt. 16:24—Whoever would be My disciple (and My little sheep), let such one follow behind Me.127

Yes, He gives them life and full satisfaction. As He says: I have come that they may have life and complete satisfaction. Obviously, we find complete fullness and sufficiency with this faithful Shepherd. For it was the good pleasure of the heavenly Father that all the fullness reside in Him, Col. 1:10.

This same shepherd fidelity of the Lord Christ is prefigured for us by the fact that the holy Patriarchs often times were shepherds, as we, in particular, read about Jacob in Gen. 31:40 that he languished in frost at night and in heat during the day, and no sleep came into his eyes.

To this point, everything has been about the Chief Shepherd. He, in turn, has under-shepherds, which consist of all faithful teachers and preachers. In keeping with Christ’s example, they are to faithfully graze the flock, direct them to the right Door, and guide the little lambs to Christ. Those who do otherwise, says Christ, are thieves and murderers, for they take away Christ’s glory; and they kill the souls of men through false doctrine, just as death devours little lambs in a poisoned pasture.

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Sign of the Day

“Catch the Spirit”…”Open Bar at 4:30pm”  Yup that’s one way to “catch the spirit”!

“Donation:  $150.00”, ostensibly to catch the spirit?!

Jamming together Biblical-like slogans with fundraisers does raise some questions!  First: Which “Spirit”?  I am very leery of the use of the word “Spirit” without that crucial Biblical adjective, “Holy”.  Which “spirit”?   Then jam up “catch the Spirit” with a donation to the youth center smacks of indulgences. Now Lutherans are not teetotalers.  We are not against fundraisers. And Lutherans and other Christians are not immune to such well-intentioned ads.  I am sure St. Anthony’s is a good place but I think discretion is needed in using Biblical words as means of promotion even for a good cause because then those solid Words can be subtly debased, even within the Church.  

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