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He is not here. He is risen! He can not stay in the place of death and leaves our sins dead in the tomb. Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by His life, bestowing life on those in the tombs! Alleluia!

A Prayer for Holy Easter, by Pr. Johann Gerhard

Sins are dead works.  If you live in the dead work of sins, how could Christ be living in you?  Sins belong to the Old Man.  If as result, sin still reigns within you, how can you be arisen with Christ?  Awaken us, O Lord Christ, from the death of sin so that we walk in a new life.  Have Your death kill off the Old Adam in us.  Let your Holy resurrection raise up in us the New Man. We, who are dead on account of sin, longingly sigh for you, O You, our true life.  We, who are unrighteous on account of sin, long for You, O You , our true Righteousness. We, who are condemned on account of our sin, longingly sigh for You, O Your our true Savior.  Make us alive.  Make us righteous.  Make us blessedly saved. Amen.

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