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From Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs’ Commentary, Matthew 1: 1-11: 1, specifically 7:13-23:

…the first question to be asked is always, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” (16:13). False prophets will be appealing, loving, engaging, and nurturing, but they will describe a different Jesus—different from the Son conceived and born of the Virgin Mary by the Spirit’s power, different from the Jesus whom the Father anointed and uniquely chose to be his Servant to save the world through that Servant’s vicarious suffering, atoning death, and bodily resurrection. No human effort can be added to this work of the Servant; the sheep are lost and must be found by him to be saved (9:36; 10:6; 12:11; 15:24; 18:10-14). With men these things of salvation are impossible, but with God in Christ, all things are possible (19:26). Only Jesus drinks that cup (26:39), carries that cross (27:40-42), and offers his life as the ransom for the many (20:20-28). And only those who have nothing to offer to him, who are poor in spirit and lowly (5:3-5), will receive everything from him both now and at the end of this old aching world. Beware of false prophets, who offer any Jesus other than this one!

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