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On the 4th Commandment, Honor thy father and thy mother, from  Teaching Luther’s Catechism: Volume I, by Herbert Girgensohn (Muhlenberg Press, 1959):

Where the commandment is observed there is an inner authority in the relationship of parents and children. This is always determinative in living together in the family and in education. But once the God-relationship is taken away from the human relationship, then it is person against person, even in the family and education, and the latent, though often manifest, struggle between them is ultimately decided by superior physical strength —at first in favor of the parents when the family relationship is barely maintained, but later in favor of the children who throw off all restraint. It means the destruction of the family.

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Christ has ordered me that I give Caesar what is Caesar’s, but I must not give him what is God’s. Life and goods I should yield to the emperor, but when the emperor is not satisfied with that, but demands my soul as well, I must say, Dear emperor, it is not in your domain to demand this! Produce document and seal to prove that such has been entrusted to you! If the emperor considers this an act of disobedience then I will have to suffer.

From Dr. Martin Luther’s Sermon on St. Matthew 22: 15-22, 23rd Sunday after Trinity, 1529,  Luther’s House Postils



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