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The appointed New Testament reading for today (10/14/13)  in the Daily Lectionary is  St. Matthew 12: 38-50.  This Lord’s comparison between Himself and Jonah is found here:  Matthew 12:38-40. Based upon these verses, and other verses. these are some of the similarities and differences between Jonah and Jesus for your edification and encouragement:

  • Both were sent to preach repentance (Jonah 3: 1;  St. Matthew 4: 17).
  • Both preached the Word to the Gentiles (John 4: 1-45).
  • Both spent three days and three nights in the belly of a beast.
  • Both Jonah and Jesus are “signs” to their generations and ours as well.

I think here is where the similarities end, as Jesus said,  “…behold, something greater than Jonah is here.” (St. Matthew 12: 41)

  • Jonah fled from his calling to preach repentance.   Jesus did not but He  purposely sought to preach repentance (Matthew 4:17),  and He sent the Apostles to do the same (St. Luke 24: 47)
  • Jonah fled from the Presence of the LORD, Jesus always sought the Presence of His Father (Matthew 14:23;   Matthew 26:36Luke 2:49).
  • Jonah was embittered at God’s grace for the Ninevites that they repented and the Lord saved them (Jonah 4:2);  Jesus rejoices always over the repentance of one sinner (Luke 15).
  • Jonah lived in the belly of the great fish for 3 days and 3 night, Jesus did not so live (Luke 9:22).
  • Jonah was thrown into the deeps of the sea to save the sailors on that ship (Jonah 1);  Jesus was thrown into the depths by us all  thereby  forgiving us all and so saving all those who by faith believe on His Name (John 1:12-14) . 

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