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From the Sermon, Text: St. Mark 9: 38-50, at Concordia Lutheran Mission, 30 September, 2012, The 18th Sunday after Pentecost:

“His reward is for those who treat His body, His Church well.  People outside the faith will know these people are different, as different as salt is to which it seasons and preserves.  I read a book review this past week about North Korea and the underground railroad of smuggling people, out of that dark and tyrannical land.  No one much cares about North Korea except as it might affect us in the west.  Only 3,000 or so end up in South Korea.  Many have no choice but to go to communist China, a brutal regime.  China’s oppressive government is as bad to the North Korean as the North Korean government.  The author points out that the people North Korean refugee seeks first in China are Christians.  The reviewer does not say why but we can speculate.  The Christian will give shelter, food, aid and prayers of the Church, a refuge and help. The Christian will listen to the refugee’s sorrow.    The Christian will not abuse the North Korean refugee sexually, physically, financially or emotionally.  The Chinese Christian probably already knows what it is like to be a stranger in their own land, but they also know by Whom they are saved:  the Lord of heaven and earth who was brutalized by church and state bent in upon itself.  He too was a refugee among His own people, for His own people received Him not, but to those who did receive Him became His children, not born of man or the will and flesh of man, but of God. The North Korean refugee knows the Christian and her Church is plainly different from the surrounding culture and society. They give a cup of water to the little ones because they bear His Name:  Jesus Christ.”

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