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I saw this morning the following bumper sticker message:

“Liberals treat dogs like people while conservatives treat people like dogs.”

Need less to say, this is a nasty swipe at conservatives, but the real problem with the message is that both halves of the statement are plain WRONG:  God’s people are not to treat dogs like people nor people like dogs. This is true for both liberals and conservatives, because both statements are judged false in God’s Word, the Bible. People are to be treated as people, God’s highest creation, initially made in the image of God and redeemed in His beloved Son Jesus Christ.  When people are not so regarded then justification for murder increases, as in abortuaries, concentration camps, euthanasia, gulags, “killing fields” and like horrors. I  think that those who think dogs should be treated as people probably have no problem with, say, abortion. Dogs are treated as pets, not people, one of God’s lesser creatures and so worthy of humane treatment. 

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