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From The Week, 8/5/11:

“Good week for: Decadence, after a Malaysian businessman bought the world’s most expensive yacht for $5 billion.  The 100-foot boat is plated in gold, and has bedrooms covered in platinum and a statue make from a T. Rex bone.  “This will never topped, ” said designer Stuart Hughes.

Yes, it will be topped.  Look at the over top monuments of the past the Pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal:  burial plots.  The Versailles, the Hermitage, the Biltmore, the tower in Dubai…the sun never sets on the British Empire because of it’s size.  It has.  But someone will always  top the last guy.

English poet, Francis Thompson (1859-1907) said it well:

And all man’s Babylons strive but to impart.                                          The grandeurs of his Babylonian heart. 

It was Erasmus who wrote that the heart is such a capacious thing that even 600 worlds can not fill it.  How many pairs of shoes satisfied Imelda Marcos?  Apparently not even 2700 pairs.  Yet, again another rock ‘star’ has fallen. But we stand in awe of such extravagance and we should be sorrowing for the grief of Lazarus at the gate.  Only the Lord in His Law can show us the delusional grandeur and emptiness of the heart apart from the Lord.  “Our hearts are restless, till they rest in Thee”–St. Augustine.  He heard the Word of the Cross and His forgiveness from that Cross.  Lord, let the light of Your Face enlighten our lives with the fullness of Your grace that alone can fill my hungering heart.  Amen.

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