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Church sign theology is generally bad.  At our little Lutheran (LCMS) Mission meeting at the public library, I was vested this past Sunday, greeting folks and waiting.  Across the street is a MONSTROUS Methodist church (well, compared to us) and the sermon theme?

“Blessings are Loans”

I assumed the “blessing” as a loan is a loan from the Lord.  Running with that, what do  you HAVE to do with a loan?  That’s right: PAY IT BACK.  Usually, with interest.  If the Lord blesses, isn’t that a gift?  Almost a synonym for grace?  The Lord’s blessings renew and recreate.  This is no law.  A loan is part of the LAW: COUGH UP THE MONEY, BUDDY!  The cartoon below speaks to this: PERPETUAL Payments…to the Lord.    I was preaching on the Lord healing the blind beggar (John 9) who said, “…I was blind but now I see”.  We sang, “Amazing Grace”.  I don’t think ANYONE will ever pen, “Amazing Loan! That gave a low interest rate to a credit risk like me.”   Now in thankfulness the Church wants others to see the light of the Gospel shining in the face of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 4:5-7).  But can we ever repay His grace?  If we try, then we it is no longer grace and we have grieved the Lord.  I can only imagine what burdens such preaching puts on people.

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